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VS arquitectura is a studio focused on architecture, urban planning and interior design. Its founders, Josep Val Ravell and Arnau Solé Simón have been working for 30 years on different architectural fields. A vast experience recognized with prestigious awards. Since 2009 they have been working together in different projects, and this collaboration leads to the office foundation in 2013.


‘We aim for an architecture that responds to its place and function, solving the complexity of requirements and accomplishing a high technical standard without losing the capability to thrill that we demand to architecture. Programmatic and site qualities are the starting point that makes each of our works a unique process were we integrate sustainable criteria and innovative design since the very first architectural idea. 


We develop projects from the early stages, including the planning development, to their final construction and even the interior furniture, being in charge of all the procedures required.

@2014 VSarquitectura

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